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Monday, May 4, 2009

Film Festival wrap up

Stomp! Shout! Scream! premiered at the Austin Film Festival in October, 2005 and went on to screen 38 festivals (see list below) in 6 countries (USA, Canada, England, Brazil, Greece, & Australia), winning several Best-of Awards. Wow, that's awesome you might say. Here's how it happened.

From the middle of 2005 the beginning of 2009, I submitted to 133 film festivals. Yes, I'm a little OCD. Total entry fees (with a handful invites/fee wavers): $3,300. That's not including DVD screeners or postage or promotional stuff like postcards or posters or travel to actually get to any of these festivals.

In addition to getting the film seen and finding distribution, one of my goals was to have a screening in each of the 50 states. Between festivals and the limited theatrical run with Monogram Releasing... thirty down, twenty to go. Here's a handy map:
Do you live a a state that's still colored white? Contact me and let's set up a screening.

Some moments that stick with me:

Austin Film Festival
I watched the sun come up and set from the seat of my VW GTI, driving the 14 hours Atlanta to Austin, with a car full of poster and promotional materials. The next morning at 5:00 AM, I was on an Austin morning show, talking about SSS's world premiere. The interview after me was Shane Black (screenwriter Lethal Weapon, Last Boyscout, Last Action Hero, etc.), who was there premiering KISS KISS BANG BANG. I saw him 20 hours later in the hotel bar and I think we had a moment.

DeadCENTER Film Festival, OK City, OK
SSS was the Opening Night Film, complete with local girl-garage rock band playing before the movie. It was screened in a city park on a beautiful night. Except that the sprinklers started up on the far side of the park as the movie started. They were systematically coming on across the park, ever closer to the movie watching crowd in their lawn chairs. One industrious festival volunteer gather a dozen small trash cans to cover the sprinklers when they popped up amoungst the crowd.

Santa Fe Film Festival
SSS screened on a Sunday night, but snow showers limited attendance to 7 people. I did get to meet '60s counter-culture icon Wavy Gravy.

Psychotronic Film Festival, Savannah, GA
Sold-out screening, great crowd, lots of fun. And SSS make the cover of both weekend entertainment papers!

Screenings & Awards

Toofy Film Festival (screened as a work-in-progress)
Boulder, Colorado
September, 2005
Winner: Best Feature Film

Austin Film Festival
Austin, Texas
October, 2005
World Premiere

B-Movie Film Festival
Syracuse, New York
March, 2006
Nomination: Best Cinematography
Nomination: Best Set Design

Backseat Film Festival
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
March, 2006

Sarasota Film Festival
Sarasota, Florida
April, 2006

Maryland Film Festival
Baltimore, Maryland
May, 2006

Portland Underground Film Festival
Portland, Oregon
June, 2006

Dead Center Film Festival
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
June, 2006
Opening Night Film

FILMSTOCK Film Festival
London, United Kingdom
June, 2006
European Premiere

Calgary Fringe Festival
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
August, 2006
Canadian Premiere

Atlanta Underground Film Festival
Atlanta, Georgia
August, 2006

Indie-World Film Festival
Belo Horizonte, Brazil
August, 2006
South American Premiere

Rome International Film Festival
Rome, Georgia
September, 2006

Eerie Horror Film Festival
Erie, Pennsylvania
October, 2006

Fargo Fantastic Film Festival
Fargo, North Dakota
October, 2006

The Red Bank International Film Festival
Red Bank, New Jersey
October, 2006
Closing Night Feature Film

Indie Memphis Film Festival
Memphis, Tennessee
October, 2006

It Came from Lake Michigan Film Festival
Racine, Wisconsin
October, 2006

Eureka Springs Digital Film Festival
Eureka Springs, Arkansas
November, 2006

Baltimore, Maryland
November, 2006
Closing Night Feature Film

Santa Fe Film Festival
Santa Fe, New Mexico
December, 2006

Southern Fried Flicks
Augusta, Georgia
January, 2007

Magnolia Film Festival
Starkville, Mississippi
February, 2007
Winner: Best Feature Film

San Francisco Frozen Film Festival
San Francisco, California
July, 2007

Landlocked Film Festival
Iowa City, Iowa
August, 2007

The B-Movie Celebration
Franklin, Indiana
August, 2007

Indieclub Halloween Spooktacular
Columbus, Ohio
October, 2007

Hell’s Half Mile Film Festival
Bay City, Michigan
October, 2007

Freakshow Horror Film Festival
Orlando, Florida
October, 2007

Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival
Melbourne, Florida
October, 2007

Sweet Onion Film Festival
Walla Walla, Washington
October, 2007
Winner: Best Feature Film

Psychotronic Film Festival
Savannah, Georgia
January, 2008

Foresite Film Festival
Ogden, Utah
March, 2008

All-American Film Festival
Durham, North Carolina
March, 2008

Gimme Shelter Film Festival
Athens, Greece
March, 2008
Eastern European Premiere

Appalachian Film Festival
Huntington, West Virginia
April, 2008

No Film Festival Required
Phoenix, Arizona
August, 2008

Schweitzer LakeDance Film Festival
Sandpoint, Idaho
September, 2008
Winner: Best Soundtrack

Asheville Film Festival
Ashville, North Carolina
November, 2008

A Night of Horror
Sydney, Australia
March, 2009
Australian Premiere