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Monday, July 5, 2010

2 Girl Garage bands

As much as I love pretty-much every 3-chord garage rock band, you put a couple of girls in the band and I'll love it even more.  This is not surprising, consider... you know... that movie I made.

The Like

Picked up their CD at Criminal this week.  The cover caught my eye, and since it was at the listening station, I listened.  Good fuzzy guitars and Fafisa/Vox organ.  On the pop side of garage, but really good.  And of course, adorable in their '60s styling.

The Cocktail Slippers

Saw these girls at SXSW this past March.  Like the Donnas, but *somehow* hotter.  And Norwegian. Or: because they're Norwegian.  Bought a couple CDs just so I could stare at 'em up close for 30 more seconds.  They crank it up more on their first record, MASTERMIND, than the pop-ier second one ST. VALENTINES DAY MASACRE.  Their part English, part Norwegian blog.

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